Sculptor Barbara Hepworth.

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Tides I 1946 Dame Barbara Hepworth
Pelagos 1946 Dame Barbara Hepworth 1903-1975 Presented by the artist 1964
Stringed Figure (Curlew), Version II 1956, edition 1959 Dame Barbara Hepworth 1903-1975 Presented by the executors of the artist’s estate 1980
Two Figures (Menhirs) 1964 Dame Barbara Hepworth

Artist/sculptor Barbara Hepworth.


Nobody Home.

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abandoned VI
abandoned VII
abandoned VIII
abandoned XIII - Tim Seuss
abandoned XIIII
abandoned XV
abandoned XVI

A certain, oh, Abandoned-ness and Whatnot seem to be holding sway in these areas.

*Chairs of Doom*.

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Matthias Haker XVI -

Not *exactly* a preferred location for your typical vacation, family outing…or, really, anything else at all, ever.

Stairs/Roads to Nowhere: Michel Rajkovic

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michel rajkovic ii
michel rajkovic iii
michel rajkovic iiii
michel rajkovic v
michel rajkovic vi
michel rajkovic vii

These extraordinary images, enigmatic, existential, haunting…..are the work of the brilliant photographer, Michel Rajkovic.

Emil Stojek, The Mysteries Thereof.

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Emil Stojek I - Elegy For a Lost World V
Emil Stojek II - Elegy For a Lost World IV
Emil Stojek III - Past Memories XV
Emil Stojek IIII - Past Memories V
Emil Stojek V - Past Memories III
Emil Stojek VI - Baltic Standards I
Emil Stojek VII - Alone I Break
Emil Stojek VIII - Lines of Defense II

Photographer Emil Stojek conjures up Wonders virtually at will, it seems. More of his work can be found on DeviantArt, and Art Limited.

The Mikko Lagerstedt.

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Mikko Lagerstedt I - Endless NightMikko Lagerstedt VII - ....Mikko Lagerstedt VIIIMikko Lagerstedt VIIIIMikko Lagerstedt X - MindstateMikko Lagerstedt XVII - Night LightMikko Lagerstedt XX - The PierMikko Lagerstedt XXII -081Mikko Lagerstedt XXVII.jpg - Luminescence

Mikko Lagerstedt XI - DetourMikko Lagerstedt XXXMikko Lagerstedt XXXIII

The brilliant photographer/photomanipulator Mikko Lagerstedt. Quite masterful.


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