Forms of Abandonment II

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Iskald X - Abandoned SanitoriumIskald XV - Gates to the dreaded infiniteIskald VII - Army Green Never Fades Iskald XII - Abandoned Sanitorium Iskald XIII - Abandoned Sanitorium Iskald XIIII - Abandoned Sanitorium

Photography by Iskald, aka Christina Ortolani.


Remoteness II – Chaerul Umam.

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Chaerul-Umam I Chaerul-Umam II Chaerul-Umam III Chaerul-Umam IIII Chaerul-Umam V

Artist’s portfolio here.  Not entirely dissimilar to the work of Mikko Lagerstedt. Haunting.

Also similarities to Marcin Flis. And Eukendei.


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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 2 3 4

Photos of abandoned hospital in the ghost town of Pripyat. First 8 pics by Timm Seuss; last 4 by Beat Hauser.

The Center Will Not Hold.

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Levi van Veluw I Levi van Veluw IIII Levi van Veluw V Levi van Veluw VI Levi van Veluw VII Levi van Veluw VIII Levi van Veluw VIIII

Artist Levi van Veluw.

Depths Untold.

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Luca Zanier I Luca Zanier II Luca Zanier III Luca Zanier IIII Luca Zanier V

Photographer Luca Zanier.  {via but Does It Float}

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