What’s All This, Then?

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Daniel Mennerich I Daniel Mennerich IIDaniel Mennerich XIDaniel Mennerich IIII Daniel Mennerich III

Photographer Daniel Mennerich.



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Akihito Takuma I
Akihito Takuma II
Akihito Takuma III
Artist Akihito Takuma.

Costumes of the Damned

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costume I

costume IIII

costume III

via Pinterest.

Night Animalia.

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Mikko Lagerstedt XXIIII - Animals in dark

Mikko Lagerstedt XXV - Animals in dark

Mikko Lagerstedt XXVI - Animals in dark

Photography by Mikko Lagerstedt.


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Mikko Lagerstedt XXI - Stranger II

Mikko Lagerstedt XXIII - Late At Night

Mikko Lagerstedt XV - Figure In The Dark

Mikko Lagerstedt XIIII - ....,.

Conceptual photographer Latyrx {aka Mikko Lagerstedt}.

Corvidity, and Whatnot.

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Kate MccGwire VI - Hoax

Kate MccGwire VII - Seer

Kate MccGwire VIII - Warp

Kate MccGwire X - Rile

Artist Kate MccGwire.


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Mikko Lagerstedt IIII

Mikko Lagerstedt X - Mindstate

Mikko Lagerstedt VII - ....

Mikko Lagerstedt VIIII - What Lies Beneath

Photographer Mikko Lagerstedt. {aka Latyrx}

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