Martino Zegwaard II

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Martino Zegwaard XXVIMartino Zegwaard XXVIIMartino Zegwaard XXVIIIMartino Zegwaard XXVIIIIMartino Zegwaard XXXMartino Zegwaard XXXIMartino Zegwaard XXXIIMartino Zegwaard XXXIIIMartino Zegwaard XXXIIIIMartino Zegwaard XXXV

See artist’s portfolio here.


Silos Abandoned.

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Martin Trolle Mikkelsen I Martin Trolle Mikkelsen II Martin Trolle Mikkelsen III Martin Trolle Mikkelsen IIII Martin Trolle Mikkelsen V Martin Trolle Mikkelsen VI Martin Trolle Mikkelsen VII Martin Trolle Mikkelsen VIII Martin Trolle Mikkelsen VIIII

Photography by Martin Trolle Mikkelsen.

Hospitals Abandoned.

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abandoned hospital I abandoned hospital II Waiting room at an abandoned hospital abandoned hospital IIII abandoned hospital V abandoned hospital VI abandoned hospital VII abandoned hospital VIII abandoned hospital VIIII

Various photographers.

Various Other Unknowns

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Three Day Beard XVII Three Day Beard XVIII Three Day Beard XVIIII Three Day Beard XXThree Day Beard XXII Three Day Beard XXI

Photographer Christian Hartmann, aka Three Day Beard.

Forms of Abandonment X

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Nico Strauch XVINico Strauch I Nico Strauch II Nico Strauch III Nico Strauch IIII Nico Strauch V Nico Strauch VI Nico Strauch VII Nico Strauch VIII Nico Strauch VIIII Nico Strauch X Nico Strauch XI Nico Strauch XII Nico Strauch XIII Nico Strauch XIIII Nico Strauch XVNico Strauch XVII Nico Strauch XVIII Nico Strauch XVIIII Nico Strauch XX Nico Strauch XXI Nico Strauch XXII Nico Strauch XXIII Nico Strauch XXIIII Nico Strauch XXV Nico Strauch XXVI Nico Strauch XXVII Nico Strauch XXVIII Nico Strauch XXVIIII

Photographer Nico Strauch.

Various Unknowns II

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Arnold Schlickr I Arnold Schlickr II Arnold Schlickr III Arnold Schlickr IIII Arnold Schlickr V Arnold Schlickr VI Arnold Schlickr VII Arnold Schlickr VIII Arnold Schlickr VIIII Arnold Schlickr X Arnold Schlickr XI Arnold Schlickr XII

Photographer Arnold Schlickr.

Various Unknowns.

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Braunkohlekraftwerk Plessa / soft coal powerhouseThree Day Beard XIIThree Day Beard XIIII Three Day Beard XIII

Three Day Beard I Three Day Beard II Braunkohlekraftwerk Plessa / soft coal powerhouse Braunkohlekraftwerk Plessa / soft coal powerhouse Braunkohlekraftwerk Plessa / soft coal powerhouse Braunkohlekraftwerk Plessa / soft coal powerhouse Three Day Beard VIII Three Day Beard VIIII Three Day Beard X Three Day Beard XI

By photographer Christian Hartmann {Three Day Beard}.

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