Nico Strauch.

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Nico Strauch XXX Nico Strauch XXXI Nico Strauch XXXII Nico Strauch XXXIII Nico Strauch XXXIIII Nico Strauch XXXV Nico Strauch XXXVI Nico Strauch XXXVII Nico Strauch XXXVIII Nico Strauch XXXVIIII Nico Strauch XXXX

Photographer Nico Strauch. Portfolio here.


Martino Zegwaard

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Martino Zegwaard VMartino Zegwaard III - Husdon hospital

Martino Zegwaard III


Martino Zegwaard VI

Martino Zegwaard VII

Martino Zegwaard X

Martino Zegwaard XI

Martino Zegwaard XII

Martino Zegwaard XIII

Martino Zegwaard XV

Martino Zegwaard XVIIMartino Zegwaard XXV

Martino Zegwaard XVIIII

Martino Zegwaard XX

Martino Zegwaard XXII

See the photographer’s remarkable portfolio here.

Forms of Abandonment VI

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hchristian20 I - textile mill - abandoned hchristian20 II - textile mill - abandoned hchristian20 III - textile mill - abandoned hchristian20 IIII - textile mill - abandoned hchristian20 V - textile mill - abandoned hchristian20 VI - spiral staircase hchristian20 VII - spiral staircase hchristian20 VIII - spiral staircase hchristian20 VIIII - sanitorium abandoned hchristian20 X hchristian20 XI  hchristian20 XIIIhchristian20 XVIhchristian20 XVII hchristian20 XIIIIhchristian20 XII

Photography by hchristian20.

Forms of Abandonment V

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Mr Monster VIIMr Monster VIMr Monster I Mr Monster II Mr Monster III Mr Monster IIII Mr Monster V

Stunning photography by


Forms of Abandonment IIII

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CyrnicUrbex II CyrnicUrbex III CyrnicUrbex IIII CyrnicUrbex V CyrnicUrbex VI CyrnicUrbex VII

Photography by CyrnicUrbex.

Forms of Abandonment III

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Matthias Haker I Matthias Haker III Matthias Haker IIII Matthias Haker XI - Dreams of Sadness Matthias Haker XII - Ballad of the forgotten Matthias Haker XIIII - Incarcerated Matthias Haker XV - God's House Matthias Haker XVI - Blue Church Matthias Haker XVII - All Those Cages Matthias Haker XVIII - Army of Hoovers Matthias Haker XXI- DecayMatthias Haker XVIIII - Sit Down and Relax


Photographer Matthias Haker. See the artist’s portfolio here and here.


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Photos of abandoned hospital in the ghost town of Pripyat. First 8 pics by Timm Seuss; last 4 by Beat Hauser.

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