The Moods of Azenoire.

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Azenoire I Azenoire II Azenoire III Azenoire IIII Azenoire V Azenoire VI Azenoire VII Azenoire VIII Azenoire VIIII Azenoire X Azenoire XI Azenoire XII Azenoire XIII Azenoire XIIII Azenoire XV

See the artist’s portfolio here.



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Bark VI Bark I - Metal Suite 3 - Ripper Bark II - Scrutinizer I

Bark VII

Photographer Bark {Ron Ray}.

Forms of Abandonment IIII

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CyrnicUrbex II CyrnicUrbex III CyrnicUrbex IIII CyrnicUrbex V CyrnicUrbex VI CyrnicUrbex VII

Photography by CyrnicUrbex.

Plague Doctorama

March 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

Differently Masked Individuals.

via Deviant Art and Flickr.

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